It’s My Magazine

What do you get the woman or man that has everything…,? A slice of time. Win the ultimate in brownie points…capture your love story Many couples have been together for a number of years without any major fuss or strife, and the secret to their long standing harmony…? Great presents. Having endured years of toilet […]

Lacey’s Footwear

Here at London Lux, we like quality footwear. We’ve spent time in the past looking at various brands in London and around the UK. These are some of the finest shoemakers on offer and we’re constantly on the look out to find new brands for you to enjoy. Today’s ticketed brand are Lacey’s Footwear, who […]

Harrison Ovens

Ovens are like mattresses. You can tell the difference between good quality and poor quality and they’re not something you want to get cheap. Quality is important when it comes to cooking and the oven you choose can have a vastly different effect on your food. In the words of GQ, “Harrison is an oven […]

Sir William Bentley Billiards

Let me guess, you’re a fan of pool right? Snooker, billiards? Good. Because we are too. Considering to purchase a billiards table is one of the hardest decisions we’ve had to make. Not because of the price, but because of the quality. Too often are tables left in horrible condition, where you’re forced to shove […]

Artist: Anna Mazzotta RCA

The beauty of art is often found in its ill defined and subjective nature. It isn’t the meaning that the artist intended that’s important, but the meaning that we project onto a certain piece that makes it timeless. Despite the subjectivity of art, Anna Mazzotta is an artist with very well defined works. Her work […]

Event: Bloomsbury Festival

Five days of artistic, scientific and literary events, immersive exhibitions and performances in unusual locations, the Bloomsbury Festival brings more than 150 events to the literary district of London. On Friday 21st October is headline event, Step Out Store Street, a free outdoor street party with a twist. Other Bloomsbury Festival highlights includea promenade around Bloomsbury with […]

Event: Picasso Portraits

Picasso’s portraits epitomise the astonishing variety and innovation of his art. This major exhibition of over eighty works focuses on the artist’s portrayal of family, friends and lovers and reveals his creative processes as he moved freely between drawing from life, humorous caricature and expressive painting from memory. On display will be portraits from all […]

Event: Palm House Gin Party

Following last years successful Gin Party at Palm House, Liverpool Gin are hosting another on 11th November. Join them for an evening of gin and fun with live music and good food. Whether you’re a gin novice or a juniper junkie, the Palm House Gin Party has you covered! There will be over 25 different […]

Bright and Bold: Chimi Eyewear

As a graphic designer (as well as a writer), I am drawn to well thought out and designed brands. It’s all well and good having a well made product, but if you’re brand doesn’t visually appeal people then it’s worthless. Ironically, a brand with fantastic visual appeal in Chimi Eyewear. The fantastic simplicity of their […]

The Holburne Museum

The arts, heritage and culture are fundamentally important aspects of every day life and finding the opportunity to embrace these three things is a must. The Holburne Museum is a fantastic cultural centre near Sydney Gardens in, Bath. They believe that the enjoyment of the arts changes peoples lives and their aim is to encourage this enjoyment […]