BAUNAT: Handcrafted Jewellery

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Antwerp and diamonds are inseparably linked. Over three thousand diamond cutters and merchants are located in the Antwerp Diamond District. This neighbourhood near Antwerp’s Central Station is truly the home of diamonds, and has been for hundreds of years. Here, over 85% of all the diamonds in the world are traded. Families have been in the business for generations and deals are conducted solely on reputation and a handshake. The cutting of diamonds is a craft honed and perfected over the years and is often passed from father to son.

The Diamond District functions because of tradition, trust and family. Fads, trends and modernization in general have no effect on it. There is, however, one company located in the heart of the Diamond District that brings innovation.

Founded in 2008 by Stefaan Mouradian & Steven Boelens, BAUNAT is the first online diamond jewellery brand. BAUNAT specializes in the design, manufacturing, retail & marketing of high quality diamond jewellery and engagement rings. Because of to its ability to purchase the diamonds at the source, its efficient (digital) marketing, and its smart stock monitoring business conduct, BAUNAT can sell its jewellery at the best possible price to the rising consumer segment of ‘Smart Buyers’. The ‘Smart Buyer’ is a fast-growing consumer segment across industries and continents, empowered by the rise of the Internet which has made the end consumer much more aware than before. Smart Buyers are people who aim for high quality in all its facets (materials, product, finish, but also service & transparency), but who are not prepared to pay for inefficiencies or intangible elements which are not reflected in the product they purchase.

The Belgian brand BAUNAT became the online reference for unique and high quality diamond jewellery and investment diamonds through very fast growth. The brand now exports more than 85% of its packages to more than 50 countries worldwide. Nearly 70 % of its sales are generated through the E-boutiques and ,available in 8 languages and 7 currencies, while approximately 30% of sales are made in the showrooms in Antwerp, Amsterdam, Paris, Geneva, Mumbai, Zurich and Hong Kong. Later this year, a new showroom Dusseldorf will be launched and more locations (Tokyo, New York, etcetera) will follow in the near future.

The best craftsmen of Belgium handcraft every piece of jewellery using only the noblest materials. BAUNAT has gathered some of the most renowned diamond manufacturers (4th generation) among its ‘founding fathers’, which puts the company in a unique position to select and purchase polished diamonds. By avoiding the middleman and offering the collections on-line, BAUNAT stands for excellently priced diamond jewellery collections of exquisite quality.

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