Bianca Turner

Bianca Turner was born in an ancient city of Alba-Iulia located in Romania.  She has been fascinated by colour from a very early age. The first piece of art that started her long and lustful relationship with art was a painting by her father that hung in her childhood room. It inspired her to become the insightful, skilled, and open artist she is today.

Bianca grew up during the period when Romania was the Socialist Republic of Romania. A totalitarian dictatorship, Bianca was told what to think, what not to paint, and what to wear in school and in public, it was a labyrinth of fear, and she had to tread lightly. The living conditions in Communist Romania were dire, with basic necessities like electricity could cut out at any moment. This meant that Bianca had to do her homework for school by candlelight during the short days of winter.

She would patiently wait for the longer days of summer to arrive so she could freely paint at home.  Unfortunately, though all of her early pieces were destroyed. The soul-crushing fear of the regime overtook her will to paint freely and exhibit art to the public that might be considered offensive to the resident Communist Party.

In 1989, the regime fell. And Bianca decided (for better or worse) to put her art career on hold.  For almost 16 years she followed an opposite path in life. She went to business school and earned a BA, MBA and PhD in International Business.

Her creativity with art came to light again years later after she moved to the USA in 1997. She got married and her husband gave her an art-filled gift (easel — paints — canvases) and encouraged her to let her imagination flow onto the canvases and to start making her art again.

Since the beginning of 2008, Bianca has participated in several exhibitions in California. In addition, many of her works were selected to be shown at international exhibitions held in Europe.

In October 2017, Bianca’s work “Fire” was published in We Contemporary“The faces of contemporary art” Art Catalog which was launched by Musa International Art Space in Rome and Kiev. During the same month, the work “Japanese winter” was digitally shown at Carrousel du Louvre, Paris.

At the end of 2017, her work will also be published in the Art in America Guide – 2017 Edition, We Contemporary ART Catalog – Special Edition 2017 and in ART UpCLOSE: A Survey of Contemporary Art – World Edition2017.

Bianca’s future projects in 2018 include the participation of her artwork at New York Art Expo, two exhibitions in London and a group exhibition at Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, in New York City. In addition, the artist is scheduled to have her first solo exhibition in The Lower East Side, in New York City, in 2020