Enjoy the Shave with a Bolin Webb Razor

Some of us shave every day, others less frequently. Most men pick up a sharp blade of some make or model that glides over our face at one time or another, if not every morning.  Some skip the routine altogether during the weekend or while on holiday.  Even men with strong beards may use a razor to help keep their facial hair in good trim.  There are countless routines.Whichever type of man you are, whichever man you know, shaving does not need to be a chore. There remains every reason to enjoy what you do, be it daily, weekly or only occasionally.
The young British grooming brand, Bolin Webb, let’s you do just that.Enjoy the shave.  Bolin Webb’s attention to enhancing the pleasure of shaving has inspired the company to bring design-led tools to the bathroom – to use and admire.  Their award-winning razors and accessories combine shaving performance with the enjoyment of using well-conceived and innovative products in everyday life.
Bolin Webb razors and accessories are all about design: their look-and-feel, how they are built, and the hand-painted finish chosen from a palette of carefully-selected automotive car paint colours.  All ages can appreciate an impeccably crafted product in terms of performance, handling and appearance.Hold one of these razors and you will quickly understand why the brand has won as many awards as it has. Indeed, the small Midlands-based company, receives global recognition through the multiple competitive brand and design awards from London to Chicago, New York to Munich.
A serial winner, and for good reason.Sure, these razors look great on the bathroom shelf, but they are no ornament.  A Bolin Webb razor is built for handling and hygiene, as well as for good looks.  And the Gillette blades fitted to these sturdy Birmingham-built handles ensure the man gets the good shave he wants.So, when you are out, gathering presents for this giving season, remember the man who shaves – be it yourself, or someone you know. You may find that a Bolin Webb razor is a gift that brings a smile as well as a close shave to its user.

Bolin Webb razors are available in two different models: the R1 range is fitted with Gillette’s 3-blade Mach3 cartridge, while the X1 range is fitted with Gillette’s 5-blade Fusion ProGlide cartridge. Both blade types are widely available, either online or on the high street.  Bolin Webb razors are fitted with one of these blades with purchase, and presented in a rigid gift box. See Bolin Webb’s selection of contemporary razors and accessories here – www.bolinwebb.com