Catherine Best: A Passion for Design

Catherine Best is much more than a company name and the name of one woman. It is now a two-generation jewellery business built over the last 30 years. The professionalism of the whole team is underpinned by friendship and understanding, working in a happy family environment. Now employing two teams of staff in both Guernsey and Jersey, both businesses have been created in original mills, lovingly restored to house the two workshops and studios that have become iconic landmarks in both islands.

Catherine’s story of passion and love for jewellery design started from when she was a child and is now her full-time career and that of her daughter and other family members and experienced staff with the same creative talents.

A childhood crafting wood in her father’s workshop fuelled a passion that would later see Catherine Best create her world-renowned jewellery brand, designing pieces that are the epitome of elegance and the ultimate in craftsmanship. “I really enjoyed creating” says Catherine, “and would lose myself totally in the process”.

After her education, Catherine returned home to Guernsey where she began creating her first jewellery pieces. “I worked like crazy, struggling to build up stock. It made me very aware that I had to get it right first time”. Catherine began trading at craft fairs, building up a devoted clientele and eventually moving into the beautiful Mill in Guernsey, whose studio now houses her most stunning creations, as well as being the family home. “We feel so lucky to live and work in such a historic and prominent landmark. The setting is magical,” says Catherine. Later on, Catherine Best would buy a beautiful granite windmill in St Peter, Jersey, which as well as housing the workshop and showroom, is where bespoke designs are magically brought to life.

Catherine has come a long way since those early days at craft fairs ,and in 2012 Catherine was accepted as a Fellow of the Institute of Professional Goldsmiths, a prestigious accolade reserved only for those who practise their craft to the highest standards of excellence.

The same year Catherine’s daughter Vikki joined the business and is designing her own creations and helping to manage all aspects of both mills in Guernsey and jersey.

Vikki too has won awards for her designs and is fast following in her mother’s footstep with the creativity and flair of a professional designer, creating her own ranges and pieces alongside her mother and the team.

Today, Catherine and Vikki spend their time split between both businesses, both of which are perfect locations to spend hours browsing the latest designs, and where visitors can see the hub of a family business that has been driven from the heart for more than two decades.

And if that wasn’t success enough for this business, Catherine Best and her team will have a third shop and studio to manage very soon. They will open their new premises in Mayfair London this summer . A dream come true for the entrepreneurial family.

Unrivalled talent in design and artistry sets Catherine Best far beyond her contemporaries. Each piece is born from a love of jewellery and decades of experience as a master

craftswoman, and Catherine and Vikki continue to push the boundaries of her art, creating pieces that are to be treasured for generations to come.

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