Bright and Bold: Chimi Eyewear

As a graphic designer (as well as a writer), I am drawn to well thought out and designed brands. It’s all well and good having a well made product, but if you’re brand doesn’t visually appeal people then it’s worthless.

Ironically, a brand with fantastic visual appeal in Chimi Eyewear. The fantastic simplicity of their site, couple with their use of colour and photography really makes their sunglasses pop. The classic designs are paired with contemporary colours to create appealing eyewear that stands out amongst the rest. They wanted sunglasses that would fit good on anyone, without compromising on the quality. Since people dont wear the same color every day, they wanted to make their products affordable so that everyone can buy multiple colors, and use them the same way as they do.

Whats more, affordability is important in the eyewear market. These days, a pair a branded sunglasses or glasses go for upwards of £200+, so creating a product and brand that screams style but doesn’t raid your life savings is important. Especially when the product they’re offering is so clean and effortless.

For example, Kiwi Model 002 ( are a sublime pair of Kiwi coloured sunglasses in a classic shape. They’re handcrafted in premium cellulose acetate. The lenses are impact-resistant and includes a 100% UV (400) protection. All of our eyewear are finished with a coating that makes them polarized and super hydrophobic, they are also treated with a anti-scratch layer. These aren’t poorly made sunglasses and have a premium feel.

So, if you’ve got the luxury of enjoying some sunshine as the winter winds roll in, why not check out Chimi’s vast and colourful range at,

P.S. What struck me most about Chimi is their online presence. the fashion photography on their site showcasing their range is simply amazing and all these images can be found on their Instagram. So if you’re looking for someone new to follow, why not go to



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