Cora Sheibani: Brilliant in Every Facet

Cora Sheibani is one of the finest jewellery designers working today. The Swiss born, London-based creative is the daughter of legendary art dealer Bruno Bischofberger, and growing up she was surrounded by artists and auteurs – “Regular dinner guests included Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Ettore Sottsass”.

Her artistic upbringing is what makes it so easy for Sheibani to meld the worlds of jewellery and art. Her pieces are not driven by the notion of luxury, how many diamonds or how much gold each design is doused in, rather her pieces are a representation of artistic pursuit and “sophisticated suggestion”.

Designing on paper as a starting point, Sheibani creates themed collections “that are seriously yet unselfconsciously design-driven touched with wit, charm and lightness, and totally devoid of clichés”. There’s a unique sort of nihilism within each piece that makes her jewels devoid of ‘richness’ or obnoxious notions of wealth. Despite her pieces being luxurious, they’re beyond the concept of a luxury item. They exist in their own realm with its own contemporary and artistic ethos.

Having studied in Florence, New York and London with degrees in Art History and Gemmology, Sheibani knows what she is doing. Her work is a culmination of years embedded in the art and jewellery world, melding her vast array of knowledge with designs that borrow from her surroundings – “Color and shape—that’s what I’m drawn to…my parents had Memphis furniture, so I’m not afraid of color. When I go into a shop and I see something orange, I go right over to it.”

Sheibani is brilliant in every facet and her zen-like designs offer a sleek and undeniably individual insight into a world that has been shaped by a life. Her jewellery reflects the best of art and design and serves as a meeting point between two worlds.

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