Domenico Mazzilli: Eclectic and Complete

*This feature was showcased in the July 2017 issue of our printed magazine, which can be seen here or at selected venues.*

Born in Corato (Italy), Domenico Mazzilli started his career as an artist graduating at Academy of Art in Florence (Italy) with a first class Honors degree in sculpture. Domenico went on teaching sculpture at “Liceo Artistico G. De Nittis” (Bari) in Italy, while working as a freelance artist.

Domenico is an eclectic and complete artist. His work ranges from sculpture and painting, and uses several material and textures; in his hands any material is a potential tool to mould and shape into a work of art.

Inspired by Picasso, Matisse and Chagall, his paintings present a variety of styles: from religious representations to semi-realistic and more abstract and experimental pieces. Using an artistic language that transcends national and cultural boundaries, his work is a passionate and dramatic depiction of universal human conflicts: the relationship between men and women, sons/daughters and parents etc.

Now, retired from teaching, based in the rural and charming Puglia, he continues developing his own artistic voice and taking part in national and international events. Recent achievements include: Winner of National Competition ‘Natiolum 2017’ (Category Sculpture) and artistic recognition for his participation to the Jubilee Year 2016 (Holy Year of Mercy).

“To the Maestro Domenico Mazzilli, for his valuable artistic contribution and strong artistic personality. His sophisticated art is of great impact, led by technical research and the rare gift of communicating feelings.” (EA -Palermo 2016)

At Home and Abroad

Nationally, in Italy, his work has been exhibited in Rome, Turin, and Florence to mention a few. His sculptural monuments are on permanent display in Sicily and many others in southern Italy; his smaller pieces (sculptures and paintings) belong to private collectors. Internationally he has joined conferences and has taken part in several exhibitions, such as in the International Conference on Sculpture in the Italian Culture Institute in Dublin (Ireland), the International Conference of Landscape and Sculpture in Manchester (UK), the Expo Art in New York (USA), “Graham Fine Art Gallery” and “Brick Lane Gallery” in London (UK), “Infantellina Contemporary Gallery” in Berlin (Germany). Solo exhibitions include: “Main Gallery” in Johannesburg (South Africa) and “Le Sorelle” in London (UK).

“Domenico’s work has an informal expressionistic plastic style that is rooted onto the human figure. He has created and will create sculptures following this impulse, his instinct as a stone-hunter, his ability to extract what is real and turn into an enlightening expressive vision. Domenico’s work and all that he has and will achieve have been marked by art and imagination, which is daughter to art. At all costs, Domenico wants to reveal all the secrets of a stone, its heart, concealed by earth. It is a fight against Time, stronger than Time and that as it often happens it is a fight that can prevail Time, in name of art.”

(Michele Campione art critic, RAI)

For any information about Domenico’s work please contact Annarita on:

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