Du Maurier Watches: Strictly Stylish

*This feature was showcased in the third issue of our printed magazine, which can be seen here or at selected venues.*

Sundial, hourglass, pocket watch, timepiece, wrist-watch, throughout the ages, man has striven to monitor time.  Whether it has been sand falling through a funnel or a complex network of cogs and rotors, mechanical movements are highly desirable and revered by luxury watch collectors for their history, tradition and intricacy. Traditional watchmaking is a craft that in this digital age should never be forgotten, particularly as properly maintained, timepieces can last for generations.

All watches are not made equal

With so many options out there, understanding the value and worth of timepieces is sometimes challenging, especially when many people are so easily drawn to brands that are more synonymous with wealth rather than art and design.

A company that does its utmost to deviate from the status quo is Du Maurier watches,
a reputable and dynamic company producing luxury Swiss made watches. The family run business oozes stylish appeal with a heritage dating back centuries. Founded
by the grandson of acclaimed 20th century, female novelist Daphne du Maurier and his wife, Du Maurier watches as a brand is a culmination of their passion for quality timepieces offering affordable style, sophistication and luxury.

Du Maurier’s quintessentially British designs are partnered with the best Swiss-made movements to create truly prestigious watches. They are designed with the highest attention to detail and crafted using only the best materials such as rose gold, diamonds & sapphire glass. Each new model is launched as part of an exclusive, limited edition collection of between 50 and 300 pieces, making every Du Maurier first edition highly collectable.

Exploring the theme of legacy, the timepieces themselves are inspired by generations of du Maurier family achievements and Daphne’s novels.  From famous authors to Olympians, the du Mauriers originate from great stock, and different watches celebrate various key characters in the family’s colourful history. The first two watches produced, were named after titular characters from Rebecca (Maxim & Rebecca), so their respectful nod to the past has helped create a well loved, signature brand of beautiful watches.

If timeless sophistication is something that is paramount to your choice of timepiece, the Du Maurier brand is definitely worth considering. With a diverse portfolio of collections to suit all styles, surely you deserve the very best?

For more information, go to: http://www.dumaurierwatches.com/