Du Maurier Watches


We at London Lux are all about bringing you the best watches money can buy. We believe that watchmaking is a craft and art that can easily be forgotten. There are so many options out there that understanding value and worth is hard when people are so easily drawn to brands that’re more ubiquitous with wealth rather than art and design.

That’s why we’re happy to be promoting Du Maurier watches, a young and vibrant company producing luxury, Swiss made watches. The family company oozes effortless appeal with a heritage dating back centuries. Founded by the grandson of acclaimed 20th century, female novelist Daphne du Maurier and his wife, Du Maurier watches is a result of their passion for timepieces which offer affordable style, sophistication and luxury.


The timepieces themselves are inspired by generations of du Maurier family achievements and Daphne’s novels. The first two watches produced, name after titular characters from ‘Rebecca’ (Maxim & Rebecca), their past has helped create a firm and signature brand of beautiful watches.

Du Maurier’s quintessentially English designs are partnered with the finest Swiss-made movements to create truly prestige watches. They are designed with the utmost attention to detail & crafted using only the finest materials such as rose gold, diamonds & sapphire glass. Each new model is launched as part of an exclusive, limited edition collection of between 50 and 300 pieces, making every Du Maurier first edition a highly collectable timepiece.

Du Maurier are a brand worth recognizing and checking out. They have a range of collections to suit all styles and are fairly priced. For more information, go to: www.dumaurierwatches.com


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