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Salons and hairdressing are an easy market to get in to, but a hard one to master. Highstreets up and down the United Kingdom are inundated with sidewalk salons offering cheap cuts and awkward service. If you care about your hair, you’re bombarded with prices that treat the strands as if they were silk. It’s hard to stand out in a market overflowing with competition – London alone has around 3500 Salons of the UK’s recorded 36000 hairdressers (surprisingly not the most in the country).

One salon, looking to stand out from the rest is Studio NiDiLu, the new kid on the bloc in SW16. Studio NiDiLu is owned by Brazilian model Nicolly, whose new concept salon provides quality and care in a fantastic, contemporary setting. There’s a certain sense of creativity that is being applied to their nu-wave hairdressing which is swiftly singling them out from the rest of the choppers in London.

There are three artisans behind the scissors: Sara Anderson, Medona Johnson and Andria Joseph who all bring their own flare to the hair. This is a team that loves what they do and will offer fantastic prices to match. Starting at £15 for men and £20 for ladies and children, they’re offering vogue style cuts for supercuts prices.

I’ve used a variety of hairdressers in my time and while people will say that mens hair is easy, it isn’t. Once you find a hairdresser you like, you stick to it. I was fixated on getting my hair cut at a barbershop in Falmouth because I knew what they were like and more importantly, they knew what I was like. So being able to recommend someone outside of that is quite liberating. Studio NiDiLu aren’t a huge chain and are striving to provide the best hair care for its area. It’s just a case of whether you’re willing to give them a try and get a new cut.

For more information, go to: http://www.nidilu.co.uk/

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