Federstuhl GmbH is a furniture and design company specializing in the manufacture and production of opulent furnishings. They, in collaboration with their partners, are committed to the use of superior goods and raw materials for the production of their furniture. Customers are given the option of customizing their order specifically by means of an individual configurator according to their personal requirements (for example, upholstery or type of wood).

Federstuhl’s goal is to showcase the importance and beauty of craftsmanship through their designs. Traditional craftsmanship values quality over quanitity, finesse over speed, and fully experiencing a design with every sense as a human over simple machine-based production. It’s about passionate work down to the last step.
Many skilled trades are being forgotten or even dying out. Federstuhl are fighting against this trend by putting the focus on the beauty of upholstery craftsmanship. They combine traditional craftsmanship with a modern design, using high-quality materials and making every piece by hand.

The Designer

The main designer at Federstuhl is Manuel Binder. After years of work in education and internships, Binder developed the idea of a chair that combined his professional knowledge as an interior decorator, his passion for upholstery, influences from his studies, and his previous work experiences. Thus, the idea for the M1 chair was born.

The M1 is truly a trailblazing piece of furniture design. The core of the design is the chair’s striking inner life, its upholstery system encased in a glass cube. The springs and belts, which make the M1 comfortable and give it its stable form, aren’t hidden, as they traditionally are. Instead, they’re the focal point of the design. We call it a straightforward design.