Bespoke Boots: Gilbert and Bailey

As a Northamptonian born and bred, everyone here knows that shoes are what we do best. Our history is built upon the art and craftsmanship of good footwear. The town walls and castle were once destroyed by King Charles II for making footwear for the French army during the English civil war. There’s even a movie partially set in Northampton about our declining shoe industry and the market of boots for drag queens (Kinky Boots).  The shoe industry has defined Northampton for centuries and continues to do so today, with many great luxury brands still manufacturing in the town.

Gilbert and Bailey are one of those brands. They hand the finest quality Men’s footwear in Northampton and their concept is simple; through a tailored website, customers are able to commission bespoke shoes, from anywhere in the world. Shoes that are handmade by them and designed by you.

Celebrating the individuals, the eccentrics and the unique, they draw on hundreds of years of skill and local know-how to produce the best boots on the market. With expertise that lies in sourcing the most beautiful exotic skins, the most vibrant baby calf and hand finishing all hides to the best possible result.

All of their shoes are handmade to the most exacting standards, allowing them to personalise the shoes and add bespoke elements usually unavailable in modern, ready to wear footwear.

While they believe their online platform and software will be revolutionary in the high-end, luxury market but are swiftly exploring opportunities with retailers and organisations to bring their brand to stores that’re interested in providing the ultimate handmade experience.

Handcrafted shoes are a dying industry in the UK and Gilbert and Baily are bringing it back to its roots. Setting up shop in the historical heart of worldwide shoe manufacturing, they’ve created one of the finest Men’s footwear brands on the market.

Head to their website to find out more and see how you can get a pair of bespoke shoes, handcrafted in the United Kingdom.

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