Harrison Ovens

Ovens are like mattresses. You can tell the difference between good quality and poor quality and they’re not something you want to get cheap. Quality is important when it comes to cooking and the oven you choose can have a vastly different effect on your food.

In the words of GQ, “Harrison is an oven company unlike any other.” They produce some of the finest, artisan ovens on the market. Possessing strong values, their sole focus is on the production of the most beautiful, high-performing, solid-fuel ovens in the world.

Harrison are in the elite class of oven makers. All ovens are handmade in London, using only the finest British-sourced materials.

It’s not just about the cooking for Harrison. Their ovens are also stunning pieces of furniture, designed and crafted to add a cachet to sophisticated kitchens and gorgeous gardens everywhere. Their ovens not only deliver sublime food, but a sense of theatre to any social gathering or boutique restaurant.

Harrison are a staple for luxury interiors and are defining kitchens all around the world. Their artisan craft is the stuff of legend and the complex beauty of their machines are rivalled by none.

To get your hands on an elegant Harrison machine, head over to www.harrisonovens.london

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