Feature: Leather Kings

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Luxury, craft and cows. This is what goes into Oppermann London’s clean collections. The brand is quickly becoming synonymous with functional, simplistic beauty; flaunting a minimalistic aesthetic that the young company has grown since its inception in 2011. What’s important is the companies continued goal to combine great design with the best materials and craftsmanship, offering it directly to the consumer.

In a few short years, Niklas Oppermann (co-founder) has created a brand that can compete with the big designers but offer their products at a fraction of the price. Oppermann is dedicated to bringing luxury products defined by the craft, not the cash. As he said to Forbes, “luxury today seems to be defined by logos, ego and status. Traditionally, luxury goods are marked up many times in the supply chain, sourcing and licensing companies, agents and distributors each add costs to the customer, so we decided to cut out the middle man and unnecessary mark-ups. We cancelled all our wholesale orders, said goodbye to the stores and began rebuilding a completely new supply chain. Now we source and sell directly to you on line. We want to bring back the true meaning of luxury by keeping our prices affordable at the same time.”

I think there is something admirable about Oppermann’s approach to goods and creating a fine range of leather products. Leather is the staple of the professional look and it’s easy to tell the difference between real and fake leathers. It’s even easier to tell the difference between something well-crafted and something not-so-well-crafted so keep an eye on Oppermann and check out their site for some great products.

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