It’s My Magazine

What do you get the woman or man that has everything…,? A slice of time.
Win the ultimate in brownie points…capture your love story

Many couples have been together for a number of years without any major fuss or strife, and the secret to their long standing harmony…? Great presents. Having endured years of toilet seats being left up or dirty socks outside rather than inside of the laundry basket, the one thing that keeps couples on the straight and narrow, apart from great communication, empathy, respect etc, is their ability to cherish their partners and make them feel appreciated. It’s My Magazine have been helping couples throughout the years to bring the love back, or at least help each other revisit the romance. Imagine having an heirloom at hand capturing your childhoods, your meeting, the proposal, wedding day and honeymoon, which really highlights your love and affection for your partner as well as providing a testament to your shared experiences, holidays and achievements since meeting? Well this is the gift of time that couples are presenting each other with for their anniversary or birthdays and is a great idea for you to explore to really show your other half how much you care.

Combining our fabulous journalism and magazine design talents with your stunning photography, let us create a personalised luxury magazine heirloom for the enjoyment of your partner and your future generations. Available in small print runs, get the ultimate gift for your beloved and watch harmony be restored.

View a client heirloom here and see our workmanship for yourself:

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Its my magazine

Its my magazine

Its my magazine

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