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Welcome to 
November 2016 edition of the exclusive 
London Lux newsletter
The winter winds are well and truly here. With less sunshine, more darkness and a brief bout of tornadoes, November has been a harsh month but don't let the weather get you down as there is plenty to get excited about with Christmas well and truly around the corner. Grab your winter warmers and enjoy this festive season. At London Lux we will be sure to keep you updated on the best events and luxury products on the market.
Product of the month
by Corey Richards
Sir William Bentley Billiards’ Shadow Pool table is one of their latest, most stunning creations. The modernist, monolithic design is utterly contemporary, embracing the very sense of modernism. The table is handcrafted in their renowned English workshops, where this company has been restoring and reproducing the finest billiard tables for 40 years, and have earned an enviable reputation for bespoke pool & snooker tables of the highest quality. Find out more at, or call 01264 731 210 to visit the showrooms and design your own unique Billiard table.
2016 Fashion trends to watch out for - November
by Corey Richards
Puffy quilted jackets are this month’s highlight. Oversized jackets have been on trend for a while and with 90's fashion being part of a recent renaissance, these jackets are fully exploiting that. Take a look at this Jack Wills Lux Insulated Jacket, these behemoths will keep you warm and dry all winter long with their soft-nylon touch and extra padding.