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Welcome to 
March 2017 edition of the exclusive 
London LUX newsletter
Welcome back to another London LUX newsletter. This month we’re happy to be showcasing the best places to be this St. Patricks day. Whether you’re looking for a good night out or just somewhere to feel the green, Irish spirit – we’ve got you covered. March may get a little boozy this year; with the London Beer week (March 13th – 18th and culminating in the Oval Space, Bethnal Green) the same week as Paddy’s day on the 17th, there should be plenty to keep you ‘merry’. So as always, keep an eye on for more and we’ll see you next month.
Product of the month
by Corey Richards
If you’re looking for some colourful and classic sunglasses for the summer, then look no further than Chimi Eyewear. Their Coco, Model #002’s are a smooth styled, chocolate coloured example of their premium, handcrafted range. Chimi have created a bold brand, equipped with luxury parts and high-end features that will last beyond the small price tag. Check them out!
2017 Fashion trends to watch out for - March
by Corey Richards
Minimalism is this month and decade’s buzzword, which has engulfed many areas of interior décor, design and fashion for a while now. This March it’s back strong as ever, with simple black and whites being blended with small splashes of bold colour. The Svensson Classic Low Whites are the minimalist pin point, sharply combined with some jeans, plain t-shirt and colourful Chimi Sunglasses for ultimate effect.
elizabeth gage