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London LUX Newsletter - April 2018
Partnership Email - Stonehealth Clinic

Founded in 2014 (And was licensed and registered in the same year to the CQC), Stonehealth Clinic has quickly become one of the most renowned leading private healthcare clinics in London and beyond. Tucked away just around the corner from Bank Station, Stonehealth Clinic offers dental, aesthetic and complementary services, all under one roof, with the highest standard of professional medical care.

The medical and dental professionals at Stonehealth are all the crème de la crème of their respective fields. Their shared passion for excellence has brought them all together at Stonehealth Clinic to provide the ultimate level of care for their patients. They have over 100 years' accumulated experience between them and some have worked at the most distinguished institutions in the world, such as Guys and St. Thomas’ Hospital and King's College London. The clinic truly prides itself on its staff only consisting of the most dedicated and professional dentists, doctors, nurses and management.
Aside from the top notch medical and dental care provided by Stonehealth. The leading private clinic also proudly boasts its specialities in its cosmetic services. Nobody ever wants to look other than they are, especially older than they feel. Visible signs of aging are caused by a combination of physiological and environmental factors such as sun damage, photo aging, smoking, diet, sleep habits and alcohol consumption. This produces wrinkles, dilated pores, dry and rough skin, laxity, pigment changes and vascular changes.

To help enhance facial appearance and attain a healthy complexion, Stonehealth offer state of the art, non-surgical procedures at the hands of their very best professionals. The Anti-wrinkle treatment offered by Stonehealth is injections of on Botulinum Toxin A, commonly known as Botox. This is a safe way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and frown lines. But anyone can simply inject a client with Botox, it takes special, artistic talent to inject in the right places for a totally natural look. Aesthetics doctors of Stonehealth has a reputation as one of the industry’s most sought-after professionals in her field. Some other cosmetic procedures include dermal fillers, facelift treatments, lip augmentation and chemical peels.
The list of other aesthetic services Stonhealth Clinic offers also includes treatments like Lip augmentation, Chemical peels and Microdermabrasion. Silhouette Soft® Thread Lift is Stonehealth Clinic’s flagship aesthetic non-surgical minimally invasive treatment to lift the skin. It is the only treatment with a unique dual lifting-and- collagen regenerating effect. Silhouette Soft® is comprised of threads and cones, both made from poly-l- lactic acid – a dissolvable stitch material. The threads act as scaffolding under the surface of the skin to lift sagging soft tissues of the face immediately.

Stonehealth clinic is a proudly bespoke premier healthcare provider and its approach is tailored to each patient’s needs. Much like it’s broad medical and dental services, its cosmetic offerings are uniquely tailored to each person’s aesthetic conditions hence why Stonehealth offer highly valuable and informative one-to- one consultations to find the best solutions to your health needs and aesthetic aspirations.

Stonehealth Clinic also accepts all kinds of insurances such as BUPA and Allianz. Please do get in touch with the clinic to discuss further.


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