PAD Lifestyle: Contemporary Living

PAD Lifestyle is the talented interior design studio based in Edinburgh. Their goal is to provide customers with quality furniture and creative interior design, sharing the most inventive decorating solutions available in the UK.

PAD is about inspired living. The online lifestyle collective travels far and wide to source chic and unique home and fashions brands from across the world. The website is their edit of cool and collectable designs from international and independent brands, supported by their own range of bespoke, limited edition furniture.

As a lifestyle collective, their approach is to find unique, quality and beautifully crafted products that delight and inspire their customers. They make it easy and accessible for users to browse their curated collections online on their remarkably simple website. Add to this their marvellous blog, which shares engaging stories about their brands and the designers behind them and you’ve got a recipe for an excellent, bespoke one-stop-online-shop.

Their own PAD furniture collections are hand-crafted, limited editions. Creating new editions of their core furniture designs with different wood finishes and a range of fabulous fabric combinations every few months. But you don’t have to rely on their style and eye, PAD also allow customers to choose their own finishes and upholstery and will even have a piece made entirely to your specification, size or design.

So what makes PAD different to the cornucopia of interior décor brands around the UK? In the words of Anna, PAD’s founder, they’re a lifestyle. They’re individual and creative:

“Our lives and loves influence our tastes in interior design. Everybody likes different colours, texture and design. At PAD we want to make bespoke, high-end interiors affordable. We do this online. People can browse our website and shop whenever they want. We encourage people to choose a core designs. They can then customize it with their choice of fabrics and wood finishing. We also help people design pieces from scratch and we then produce it for them. This is why we don’t want to stock a lot of items. We carry small quantities in our design studio. But our main goal is to provide our customers with unique pieces.”

Resting on their five main collections: French Chic, Modern Classic, Scandi, Urban Vintage and East, PAD seek to ensure that there is a style for everyone to love. This is then supported by their interior design services where they can pen new colour schemes for single rooms or decorate and entire building. They work closely with your specifications, tastes and preferences to make sure that they are your creative hub from start to finish.

PAD Lifestyle is more than an interior design studio. They are purveyors of art and treat each home like a painter treats a canvas. Check them out.