Eating, cooking and indulging are basic human needs. You shouldn’t just cook in your kitchen, you should also create, experience, explore and live. Poggenpohl is exactly where to go to find a bespoke kitchen made to cater to your exact needs. Some need more time out than others, some blossom in company while others are happy being on their own. Poggenpohl kitchens bring people together. They are open but individual, communicative, and provide places of retreat.


Poggenpohl is the world’s most creative and forward-thinking kitchen design brand. Established in 1892 in Herford, Westphalia, as a white lacquer furniture company by Freidemir Poggenpohl, the brand was successful with introducing specialised ergonomic work-tops and storage innovations aimed at making kitchens more efficient. The company continued to create new products and techniques; and in 1928, it created the innovative reform kitchen, and in 1930, it manufactured the ‘ten-layer polished lacquer technique’, improving kitchen aesthetics tenfold.


In 1950, Poggenpohl launched the first ever unit kitchen, which since then has now become the kitchen industry standard. These kitchens, created in response to what Freidemir  Poggenpohl saw as a desire for the modern in its customer base, offered a continuous counter top workspace and wall units that matched.

By 1970, Poggenpohl had authorized its first dealer in the USA. In 1986, Poggenpohl USA was formed in Allandale, New Jersey.

In 2004, Poggenpohl brought kitchen technology and design into the 21st century by incorporating entertainment and smart home technology.

Everyone creates their own very special area, in which they can be creative, get some peace, enjoy themselves. Now it is a place where you can be by yourself and share it with family, friends, relatives.

A prime example of one Poggenpohl’s innovative kitchen designs is the Segmento. The handleless surfaces in the Segmento make it seem like a sculpture. The horizontal and vertical lines segment the customisable back wall, providing both function and structure. This is a composition of timeless style, with the clear brushed aluminium having a supremely cool effect, with the contrasting calming wood tones being infinitely calming.


After being placed at the top of German luxury kitchen brands, Poggenpohl is the only German kitchen brand to be included in the standard work’s ‘Brands of the Century’ by Publisher Dr. Florian Langenscheidt.