Shamballa Jewels: Explore the Energy of Creation

Explore the energy of creation with Shamballa Jewels. Founded in 2005, by brothers Mads Kornerup and Mikkel Kornerup in Copenhagen, Denmark; their iconic designs have received global recognition and success after being worn by Jay Z, world famous hip-hop artist and entrepreneur.

The iconic Shamballa bracelet is made in 18ct gold with 10mm beads in diamonds, gold or precious stones and braided on a string using ancient macramé technique. The brothers have continuously developed this design, alternating bead sizes and providing braided and unbraided options. The evolution of the product has allowed them to create a highly individual and luxurious piece of jewellery.

In 2011 they introduced the Lock bracelet, which pushed their creativity and unique designs even further. The Lock bracelet was made with customizable flat beads instead of round beads, allowing them to create a fully reversible bracelet which offers a whole new look and style when flipped. Over time they have continued to add to their repertoire, producing rings, earrings and cufflinks, as well as pendants and necklaces.

All Shamballa jewels are imbued with the Star of Shamballa; a recurring motif of Shamballa Jewels. The brand expresses symbolism derived from ancient Eastern philosophies, translated into Nordic craftsmanship using Scandinavian design principles. Each piece appeals to discerning collectors who are looking for something that goes beyond simple luxury and begins to transcend the medium all together, bringing purposefulness and meaning to their individual expression.

Today the spirit of Shamballa is driven by innovation, meaningfulness, ancient symbology and Nordic design aesthetics. Furthermore, Shamballa Jewels are proudly supported by Karl Lagerfeld, HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, HRH Crown Princess Mette Marit of Norway, Gwyneth Paltrow, Diane Von Furtsenberg and Giorgio Armani who’re all discerning collectors of their jewellery.

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