Shamballa Jewels: Summer 2017 Collection

Shamballa Jewels are back with a stunning, brand new collection. We take a deep dive into what’s on offer and how you can get yourself some of the most radiant designs available.

The Shamballa Jewels Summer 2017 collection is inspired by rays of the sun; a combination of 18K gold and gemstones help to form this luxurious collection. The range of precious materials used by Shamballa Jewels emanate a heat and vitality that celebrates the simple joys in life. From vibrant green emeralds to radiant yellow sapphires, Shamballa Jewels takes you on a journey of joy and enthusiasm.

The centre piece of their collection is the Gold Bar Pendant. This powerful necklace has a mantra inscribed in ancient Sanskrit: “Om Mani Pad me Hum” which encourages the wearer to open their heart, shed fear, hate or envy so that they can experience joy and happiness. Other stand out creations are adorned with Tahiti Pearls and warm colours that bring to life a feeling of power and positivity that makes the Summer 2017 collection one to watch and buy.

Shamballa Jewels soulful summer collection is perfect as a gift, or as a personal item to pass down for generations. The humble joyousness of each design can help shape any outfit and would make a great addition to any jewellery collection.

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