Unit London: Eliminating Elitism

*This feature was showcased in the third issue of our printed magazine, which can be seen here or at selected venues.*

Unit London was founded in Chiswick by Joe Kennedy and Jonny Burt, two artists who had a vision to eliminate the unfair elitism that has dominated the galleries. Unit London has acted as a bastion for the contemporary art scene in London, displaying the works of everyone, from unknown first-timers and emerging talent to big names like, Jake Wood-Evans and Ryan Hewett.

This rejection of the exclusivity and nepotism that dictates whether
or not a piece is displayed in most galleries has meant that Unit London has been able to carve its own path, showcasing exciting underground pieces. Kennedy and Burt are both merely 27, which is astoundingly young for gallery directors.

However, not owing anything to the industry has allowed them to create a space that is more exploratory and compelling, putting technical nuances and talent over all else. Their youthful outlook has also meant that their grasp on social media has turned Unit London into an important platform for new artists to market and make a name for themselves.

Now situated in Soho, the gallery keeps its doors open seven days a week, sticking with its ethos of inclusivity.

On Unit London’s rosta are some of the world’s leading creatives. One such is the Hamburg-based Hedi Xandt, a multidisciplinary creative who drips classically inspired paintings and sculptures sparingly with gold. His re-imagining of Roman and Greek ideology is truly innovative, his statement piece being Greek and Roman busts contrasted by gilded gothic skulls.

Also exhibited is Joel Rea, an Australian maverick with a penchant for oil paintings with a grandiose yet surreal aesthetic. His paintings explore his physical and metaphysical reactions with his life and nature, which is commonly depicted in his paintings of the sea; on one hand brutally dangerous, on the other, serene and peaceful.

Representing artists from a vast range of backgrounds, Unit London is the epi-centre of up and coming art in London, and we’re keen to stay tapped in to this vibrantly dynamic neo culture.

For more information, check out: http://theunitldn.com/