The White Spoon: Award Winning Dining With a Contemporary Atmosphere

Are you looking for somewhere to eat in Cheltenham or due a weekend break in the Cotswolds? Well, look no further than The White Spoon.

With attentive and unpretentious service in a relaxed and approachable environment, The White Spoon is where foodies and casual diners can feel comfortable.

Led by Chef Director, Chris White and supported by his partner Purdey Spooner, they share a deep passion for food and seasonal produce.

First developing his culinary desire at an early age, Chris sought to escape the small village he grew up in, bagging a chef job at a hotel kitchen in France. Following this he swiftly found that he has a love for experimenting with produce and creating exciting new dishes.

Since then Chris’ hard work and dedication has seen him work in a variety of award winning kitchens, such as the prestigious Fat Duck group. His expert knowledge and experience has allowed him to cultivate his culinary enthusiasm and bring it to The White Spoon, where he has accomplished a few awards in his own right.

Born from the ambition and commitment of Chris, The White Spoon is a laid-back eatery that is serving the finest dishes made with a flare. Using modern techniques, individual flavours are elevated into something truly exciting and Chris is always careful to ensure nothing is lost from the ingredients’ original charm.

Menus are produced in tune with the seasons and sometimes with unexpected or unusual flavours. Set in a natural environment with reclaimed timber table tops and stone like tableware, The White Spoon transports you to the origins of the ingredients you’re dining on.

With an aim to create a relaxed and informal environment Chris and the team have made something that never compromises on quality or standard, boasting fantastic service with a certain je ne sais quoi that is hard to find these days.

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